2020 Born Independents Q&A - The Mccramarie

The Mccramarie set. 2020

Hi Marie! Tell us a little bit about yourself & your business.

Hi everyone. Well I have always enjoyed crafts of all sorts and I started to pick up macramé again during lockdown.

I make a variety of items, trying out different ideas and colours. My product range includes; wall hangings, decorations, plant hangers and home accessories.

What is your favourite product to make?

I enjoy making plant hangers, using the different knots and colours to create beautiful pieces, which are both decorative and useful in styling your home or garden.

I have recently started to use a recycled marine plastic cord for my outdoor plant hangers providing sustainability, which I find is both easy to work with and still soft enough to brush out.

What has been the biggest challenge(s) for you setting up your business?

Having the time to dedicate to the making of pieces whilst holding down a fulltime job.

Also getting to understand to process of showcasing items on social media.

What advice do you have for anybody wanting to start their own business?

Just to give it a go and don't give up, it takes time!

Family and friends have asked for specific pieces to be made, then sharing their purchases on social media brings awareness for your business, bringing hopefully more sales!

Do you have any exciting plans for your business in 2021?

After the Christmas period of making decorations, I plan to focus on home accessories following current trends and styles, and remaining as eco-friendly as possible. This may also involve other needlecraft pieces.


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