Beating the Instagram Algorithm

There's so much discussion around the algorithm of Instagram and its, pretty much, constant changes. If you want to succeed on Instagram and use the platform for either business or with the hopes of becoming an 'influencer' then you really need to know how to beat it and gain that success.


The definition of 'algorithm' for those who are new to this is:

'A set of mathematical instructions that must be followed in a fixed order, and that, especially if given to a computer, will help to calculate an answer to a mathematical problem.' - (Oxford Dictionary)


So essentially, the 'instructions' are the tools in which Instagram have chosen as their priority for promotion. And the 'mathematical problem' is your success. If you want to reach that 'mathematical problem' (success) then you need to follow the instructions in the desired order.

For example, they are currently competing with the new TIKTOK craze** and want to pull users back to Instagram - which led to the birth of 'reels'. Love them or hate them, they are seemingly prioritised over the standard post.

See below our diagram of what we think is the best route to take, to beat the algorithm:



New addition to Instagram***

'Profile post notifications'. As if the rest of the app wasn't enough, now to see your favourite pages posts, you might have to set up notifications of their posts. (Bell icon on Instagram profile).

Encourage your followers to do this, and then theoretically, they should never miss one of your posts.

This however, sounds easier than it is. To get your followers to invest in your brand enough to turn on the notifications can be quite a job, particularly if you're just starting out or if you don't feel you've got that 'loyal' fan base.

Not to worry, here's a few tips on how to boost your rapport with your followers:

- Post swipe-able content (more than one image, directing to the next is the perfect example, keep them hooked.)

- Give them something to engage with (polls, quizzes, directing an action captions)

- Show up on stories, every day (not easy for a lot of us, but for some reason these people want to see us, what we're doing, behind the scenes and so on.)

- Find out what your 'ideal' follower wants from you (market and consumer research)

Its all about experimenting and seeing what works best for you, your brand and your following, so have some fun and hopefully you'll reap the benefits.


**TIKTOK craze - Stay tuned for our 'Using TIKTOK as business tool' posts. We will be sharing our experiences on TIKTOK and try to simplify this whole new social media platform, because it might just help boost your sales/following.

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