Etsy Basics - Writing Your 'About' Section

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Here are 5 steps to take to write a great 'About' section on your Etsy shop.

  1. Tell the story of your business We love hearing about how all of your businesses came about, and others will too! Why did you start your business? What do you do/sell? Where did the name come from? These are just a few prompts you can use to enhance the story of your business.

  2. Make it personal Who is the person behind this brand? Keep it about the business, but a personal touch is nice to give potential customers an insight into who they are buying from.

  3. What makes you unique? Etsy could be described as quite, saturated, right now, lockdown saw the birth of MANY businesses, a lot of whom use Etsy as a marketplace. So now more than ever, you need to embrace your style and show off what makes YOU & YOUR products unique from all of the others.

  4. Add in photographs or videos Today, people have such a short attention span, so to capture their attention, use high quality and eye-catching images or videos in your about section to make them want to find out more. This could be a photo of a stall, your workspace, products or the making process. (Just a few ideas)

  5. Ethics & Sustainability A lot of people really care where their purchases come from, and are choosing to shop with small businesses over large chains (yay!), but if your brand goes the extra mile to ensure sustainability and work ethically, then include this, people will love to know what you do to help the environment, and it might just convince them make a purchase.


For more Etsy tips, check out our other Etsy Basics blog posts, and more on our blog & socials!

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