Getting the most out of your Etsy listings

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Etsy prompts a lot of information about your products from you which is really helpful, but is it enough just to fill in the suggested info? What else can you do to push your listings out there and give yourself the chance of maximum sales from the website? - See below.

1. Use high quality images

This might seem obvious, but we see a lot of this. On a website full of products from so many international sellers, you have that one small square which needs to stand out, grab the viewers' attention and convince them to click onto your shop/product page. - Not the easiest task.

  • Where you can, use natural light - this will show your products off best.

  • Don't forget to edit - we know this takes time, but sometimes it makes a BIG difference to quality - just don't over do it.

  • Place your item in situ/show it being used.

  • Retake photos - if you're not happy with an image, just get that product back out and go again.

  • Use simple backgrounds so that your items stand out, but embellish the space around the item with confetti, pom poms, string, a pen, flowers or leaves - use your imagination - it makes that simple background look well thought out.

2. Add categories accurately

Etsy won't let you move on with your listing until this has been selected and although there is not always the specific option you might be looking for, choose as accurately or as close to the product category as you can - this will help drive customers to your listings.

3. Key Words

Use all 13 of the key words available - if you can't think of anymore, put yourself in the customers shoes, what words would, or could, they use to search for that could lead them to you/your products?

4. Use those 10 photo spaces wisely

Unless I have many colour options or styles within one listing, its not very often I use up all 10 spaces available with images as I find it repetitive and prefer to keep the images which show off my items best.

However, that doesn't mean we should leave them blank!

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to use the spaces wisely:

  • Add your logo - bring the viewer back to the idea that you are not just one product, but a whole brand of many items.

  • Add in a text image informing the potential buyer of lead times and/or delivery information (including any delays).

  • Advertise other items you have available - 'check out our other items', 'other products in this range', etc.

  • Advertise any sales/voucher codes/free gifts to encourage them to make that purchase - they will be grateful you notified them.

  • Leave a friendly message - 'Thank you for looking, please contact me with any questions'. - who doesn't love an approachable seller?

  • Show us the process of the item being made/where it is made - gives a nice insight into where to product has been made.

  • Add an image containing your social media handle(s).

5. Add a video

Etsy now gives the option for you to add in a video. Yeah, I know, another thing to worry about, but they're saying that people are more likely to purchase if there is a video included, so why not try it out.

6. Make a description that people actually want to read

Whilst the customer doesn't want an essay that they cannot be bothered reading, it is important to include the following things:

  • What the product is

  • If there are variations/option available

  • Size

  • What is included with the product (if anything)

  • Uses of the product

  • Directions for any personalisation or photo upload


  • Advertise sales and/or voucher codes for your shop.

  • Leave a friendly note to thank the viewer for looking & offer help via DM if required

  • Postage information

  • Tell us where and how it was made - everyone loves a story - just keep it short and sweet.

  • Holiday dates

  • Last shipping dates before holiday

7. Utilise shop sections

Imagine going into a shop and not knowing which isle or section to go to. You can use these however you like, maybe you just do one style of product and so might have colours as shop sections, other shops might find having holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, etc. as shop sections, or simply divide your product types up for the ease of the customer.

8. Experiment with postage

I am personally more a fan of items including postage costs and so labelled at 'free shipping', that is what draws me to an item, however, I find that Corduroy Rabbit often loses out on some items because of the costs of postage and packaging compared to the value of the item - So I'm still working this out myself.

Whichever you do currently, if its one or the other, have a play around with your listings and see which people prefer, your customers may be different to someone else's - if in doubt a little market research through polls on Instagram never hurt.

9. If you offer variations and/or personalisation - make sure the customer knows this

The tools are there within the listing to be used, so utilise them as best you can and also add the same information into the description.

Link images for variations always - there is nothing worse as a customer than trying to work out what design is which and worrying about whether you have ordered the right thing.

Don't forget to direct customers to the personalisation box if in place before they add to basket.


We will be posting a video talking through some of the above on Instagram so view this for more insight as we'll talk through whilst on the listing product page.

I hope this has been super helpful, or at least given you some inspo to look over your listings to make sure you are getting the best out of them.

We're not experts, and still learning ourselves, but if you do have any questions please feel free to get in touch and keep an eye out for the next instalment of Etsy tips.

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