National Sibling Day - Hey Big Spender! - A Q&A with the THREE sisters behind the brand.

Meet Hey Big Spender!

We’re Hey Big Spender! Created by three sisters living in North London and have created finance planners, notebooks and notepads 📝

What made you want to go into business together?

We found ourselves creating a mini finance planner for ourselves which really helped us get a grip of our finances and we found there to be a real gap in the market for something that simply showed you on paper where your money was going and to help you get out of debt!

Did one of you come up with the initial idea, or was it a group effort?

So, Ella first came up with the idea but quickly bounced it with us and we brainstormed all together, then Ella did the design and layout of the planner and notebook and we gave feedback at every step of the way, we printed all the options off and decided together

Do you all have set roles, or all just pitch in where needed?

Hmm, I think we like to think we have set roles but in reality we all pitch in and help out, we all work full time so we have to pitch in whenever we have time really!

How do you manage to keep family life, and business separate?

We are quite honest and open as a family and respect that we all have our own lives so we schedule dedicated HBS time, like a Sunday afternoon for a photoshoot or an evening to do some social media planning.

Sisters are renowned for squabbles, how do you find working together?

It’s been really fun to be honest. We get on really well and we’re also super honest with each other which I think helps. We’ve found it so nice to have something to focus on during this lockdown that we haven’t squabbled too much

Any exciting plans for the business going forward?

Yes! We’ve just bought out our self employed finance planner which we’ve been waiting to do for a while and we have some different planners and notebooks coming out in the next few months!

These girls are doing SO well with their business & sounds like they’ve got lots of exciting things ahead. If you’ve not already, check them out on Instagram, or their website via the links below:

Hey Big Spender - Instagram

Hey Big Spender - Shop


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