National Sibling Day - Meet Kind Regards - A Q&A with the sisters behind the brand

Meet Kind Regards

We’re Samantha and Gemma two sisters from Kent. We hand embroider women’s and baby’s clothing. Kind Regards is our little escape from our usual 9-5’s. All our tees are organic cotton and are all hand sewn personally by us.

What made you want to go into business together?

We've always been more like best friends than sisters (apart from the typical fighting over clothes and getting annoyed at each other for hogging the remote). We were living together at the start of lockdown number.1 and were just super bored and needed something other than Netflix to comes Kind Regards! We couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else...we hope this becomes our full time jobs so we can just sew and gossip everyday 🥰

Did one of you come up with the initial idea, or was it a group effort?

Initially it was my idea to start embroidering on t-shirts, but then Gemma came up with the name and the overall social media look. (btw this is Sam answering haha)

Do you all have set roles, or all just pitch in where needed?

We didn't have set roles in the beginning but now it's been a year we've naturally given ourselves roles. Gemma is all things social media, she's the one answering all the customer queries and comments, as well as, making me feature in Reels haha. I'm more the designing side of things, I like ordering new crazy sewing colours and looking for new ideas, but we both share the sewing!

How do you manage to keep family life, and business separate?

We meet nearly every Saturday morning for breakfast and a casual meeting but normally the first hour is stuffing our faces with croissants and coffee, before actually getting started on the weeks orders/social media content. I think for us Kind Regards is an excuse to hang out more so, we don't really see it as a business as such.

Sisters are renowned for squabbles, how do you find working together?

We used to have the classic sister fights but I honestly can't remember the last time we argued!?

Any exciting plans for the business going forward?

Sooooo many, Gemma even has a list on her phone which just keeps getting longer!

Such a pleasure to get an insight on these two lovelies behind Kind Regards & it sounds like they’ve got lots of exciting things planned business wise.

If you’ve not already, check them out on Instagram, or their Etsy shop via the links below:

Kind Regards - Instagram

Kind Regards - Shop


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