New Year, New You?

Wishing you all a very happy 2021! We made it!

Last year was testing (no pun intended), difficult & draining. But if you're reading this, well congrats on making it through. That in itself is a massive achievement, then anything you've conquered on top of that is amazing.

I for one, (naively) never thought I'd live to see a worldwide pandemic, but that just shows how the world is changing so rapidly. I've felt an awful lot of frustration this year towards both the government & those who in my opinion feel that they are above everybody else, and seeing the likes of New Zealand celebrating their New Year as they would any other really hit home. It is possible to beat the virus, but unfortunately you need a competent government and people with resilience.

Like many other people, I have been furloughed for most of this year and with changes to the tiers once again, I don't know when I will go back. Or, if they will even be able to keep me on during these difficult times. So many small businesses have been created this year, with people getting a little bit creative, crafting as a side hustle or because they've had no choice but to find another way of earning money. Thankfully, this year enabled me to focus more on my business - Corduroy Rabbit AND start up Spotlight Soc with my best friend.

As I said, if you're reading this then you've achieved massively, and so my question is, do you really want a new you? You can expand and experiment to your heart's content, but you don't need to do anything wild to find some happiness this year. Honestly, after 2020, just keep in touch with friends & family, get lots of fresh air and go on walks, drink water & take time for yourself. It might sound like going back to basics, but one of the things I've taken from last year is that you have to look after yourself. And I've seen the benefits of that in my moods, mindsets, relationships and in my work.

We will continue to celebrate your achievements and promoting your brands throughout this year, along with a stream of exciting content we're yet to release, so remember to keep tagging us & using #spotlightsoc, and stay tuned.

F - Spotlight Soc x

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