TIKTOK - A business tool - Phase 1

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

You will have heard of the new app that has become quite the rage over the last year - TikTok.

You may not have an interest in using this as a personal account, however, we are exploring how as a business that it can be used as an effective tool in order to reach a further audience and get your brand out there - in turn bringing more engagement, views and (hopefully) sales!

Both Emma & I have set up our accounts, and began posting videos. Its safe to say we're still getting used to it and figuring out what works and what doesn't.

I've seen other accounts talk about it on Instagram, and the general consensus seems to be that you can work really hard on a video, and it may flop, but then, simple 'filler' content can go viral.

We're still in the early days of this but here is an account from each of us sharing our findings so far:


Emma - Emma Marie Beauty - @emmamariebeauty


Faye - Corduroy Rabbit - @corduroyrabbit

I was rather hesitant to go on TikTok, I'm generally not a fan of social media, but it comes with the business, so has to be done. Emma had set up her account already, and we'd spoken about setting up a Spotlight Soc account for once we can actually meet up and make funny content. I'd been struggling enough with reels on Instagram, but then thought, well why not just regurgitate the reels to TikTok and see what happens, that's what people do on Insta reels, right? And if nothing else, @emmamariebeauty would have another follower, and it would make for an insightful blog post.

So here we are, CR is now on TikTok.

Setting up your profile is rather straight forward, but then you're sat with this empty profile wondering what to do.

I set CR up on a Business Account (you can always change back to a Personal Account if that suits you better).

Downfalls of setting up as a 'Business Account':

  • - The music options are reduced to that of a personal account, you can choose from some tunes rather than well known songs.

Positives of setting up as a 'Business Account':

  • - It's a little bit more professional.

  • - If you have engaging content then does the song really matter?

  • - You can include your website link - V important if you want to generate clicks to your website. Without this, will it decrease sale potential?

Once set up, I began posting videos I had created for Insta reels and IGTV. So if you've got any already done, throw them on there and hope for the best.

It was a slow start, then I started getting a few likes here and there, just over 400 people had watched my first 4 videos, which I thought was pretty good going considering I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

Then I posted an old, completely useless video - 6000+ views???? WHAT? WHY? I don't even want to watch myself stamp the back of cards, how did this happen? I'm still not sure, but since then I've been lucky to get near to 100 watches. So I guess I'm just going to stick at it for a while, see what happens and report back.

In the meantime.. If you want to have a go, which I do think it's worth a try, it's free, so even if you get a few followers or a sale from it, its worth it. And you never know, you might 'blow up'.

My tips so far:

- Use as many hashtags as possible in the caption. You are limited to characters overall so keep the caption short and sweet, focus on those popular # hashtags.

- Post at least every day, and try to keep it somewhat relevant/engaging. I know when I go to follow other accounts, I want to follow people with lots of videos, so get uploading (even if it's just 'filler' content).

- Use your business logo for your profile picture (this defines you immediately as a business).

- Save your videos and post to both TikTok & Instragm reels/IGTV.


If you have TIKTOK, or now want to set up your own account, give us a follow:




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