Treats Guide

We all need a treat every once in a while (or more often). These are some of the BEST treats available, some of which can be delivered right to your door!

Support an independents' dream whilst munching away on some delights.

Bespoke Bakes By Hannah

'I love creating custom cakes and bakes for customers, and having your ideas come to life!' - Hannah (Bespoke Bakes by Hannah)


'We cater for all occasions and we love being a part of the special moments - big or small! I started baking to put a smile on people's faces and I fully intend to keep doing that for as long as possible with my tasty treats.' - Ohso.Buttercream

Cookie Caramba

Cookie Caramba was started during lockdown in June 2020 by couple Rod and Amy whilst they were furloughed from their usual chef and tourism jobs, and through their love of all things baking, cooking and chocolate!

We make delicious cookies stuffed with a variety of spreads giving them a yummy, gooey filling. The cookies come in vanilla and chocolate dough with different classic chocolate and biscuit toppings. Great for any occasion!


We will add to this as & when we find amazing treat (small) businesses, so please get in touch if you are one of these.

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