You don't need MORE traffic, you need the RIGHT traffic

Your traffic may be the people coming across your page (whether that be your online shop, website or social media accounts), potential customers or followers.

We've all (well I'll speak for myself, and the assumption out there) been tricked into thinking that success goes hand in hand with a load of followers. That having a big following defines us, makes us, makes our brands a success. But, what if it was in fact not?

Let me ask you a question:

Would you rather have 1 million followers with only a few who interact with those social posts you work so damn hard on, OR, a small following with majority of them engaging allowing you to build loyalty with your brand?

Us small businesses do not have it easy by any stretch of the imagination. There are so many challenges and obstacles to overcome, and unlike large business there's normally one person, two or three if you're lucky behind a small brand. Social media alone is like a full time job and it can be SO disheartening when the content you've worked so hard on flops, and the filler stuff you spent two minutes on flies.

Personal following:

When I started Corduroy Rabbit, I had maybe 80 followers on Instagram, because as I've said before, I actually hate social media, so years back I decided to cut people off my social media that didn't provide value to my life. This was great for me, until I finally pushed my brand out there. We've all done that nerve wracking post, like 'oh hey, I have a lil biz plz go support'. Well, maybe 20 of that 80 actually followed Corduroy Rabbit. Nearly 4 years on, only half of those people have bought from my business. Which is fine, I'm not complaining. But probably half of that again, actively interact with my posts, which is in effect a sample of the bigger picture. I'm not at 1000 followers yet, currently sat at 946, so still a little way off, but I know I can rely on a loyal 50ish followers, they don't even need to buy from me, but every like, share and comment means so much.

That being said, if you have your whole primary, junior, senior, college and university year groups, your friends' friends, your family's friends, your old colleagues, current colleagues on your personal account then by all means ask them to give your business a follow and if you're lucky, you'll get a really great response and lots of sales from them, but for a lot of small businesses, we have to think outside the box for expansion.

Small Business following:

Alternatively, you can turn to small business communities like ours. Spotlight Society was built to promote the amazing works of small businesses and honestly, I don't think you'll find a nicer community than the creative community. We're loving building the loyal community and appreciate you all so so much!

We know that there is a lot of similar accounts out there, some just share pages, some are more marketing based and some are a bit of both. From the outset, we wanted to be different. We were thrilled to reach 1000 followers last month, and although we want to find businesses far and wide, we don't believe in following thousands of accounts in hope they'll follow back, just to have followers. We pride ourselves on the varied work we do, and constantly update the way we do things to maximise engagement, both for us and the small business community.

I've had Corduroy Rabbit shared on another small business community page with around 162k following. I was SO excited, I literally thought my page was going to blow up from it. Reality: got zero follows, I was the only account to comment on my post (the account owner didn't even respond, and it didn't lead to any sales. I was honestly so disappointed, but that's why we're determined to do things our own way, making sure you get the most out of your features and following only our loyal community back so that we never miss any of your posts, and the chance to engage.

Imagine if you could take the time and effort you put in in hopes to be shared on an account with a large following, and put it solely into your own business and reaching potential customers.

As a member of Spotlight Society, you are NOT just another follower.


Customer/Loyal following:

These are the followers that follow you because they:

+ Love your content

+ Follow your brand

+ Enjoy seeing you grow with you business

+ Buy from you, so want to see what new products/services you have

This is the right traffic you want, it would be a dream come true to have a million of these, but however many you have, use that, engage with these loyal customers, form relationships and encourage them to buy into your brand. As amazing as the small business or personal communities are, this is what you want to put your effort into.

A note to Etsy sellers:

We would recommend looking at your socials and Etsy shop (or similar) as separates. Having a load of followers does not automatically produce sales, and every customer is not necessarily going to go and follow you on your social accounts. This is why we always encourage the use of all of the tools Etsy offers to make sure your products stand the best chance and that you push engaging content on your socials to hook followers and get them to interact.

We have various other blog posts on this in more detail, so take a look when you've finished up here.


All this in mind.. are you happy with your traffic? Do you think you have the RIGHT traffic? What can you do to boost this?

If you are happy, amazing!

If you're not sure:

+ Take a look at your insights across all platforms

+ Give your business a 'lil MOT'

+ See which areas you can improve in to push your brand out there

+ DM us for some suggestions/advice

+ Start a conversation on our forum with others to discuss

Go get the traffic you want, and need to smash your goals!

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